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Beautiful Henna Tattoos in San Ramon

A henna tattoo is a beautiful method of body art that is created by crushing the leaves of the henna plant in an acidic mixture. This process allows the pigmented lawsone in the plant to stain the skin and create the tattoo when it is applied. Mehndi body art is not just a cosmetic treatment. The compound also has nourishing elements that condition the skin. Kiki Brows offers temporary henna applications for clients at our San Ramon store. Whether you are a fan of the unique look or are interested in its other benefits, we can offer expert application for the best results.

Fun, Temporary Mehndi for Your Party or Events

We can provide unique entertainment at your next event by turning it into a henna party. If you have a birthday or other celebration coming up, you can make it a mehndi party by scheduling henna applications for all of your guests. There are many reasons to book our henna artists for your party, including the following:
  • Fun for all ages
  • Safe for all guests
  • Offers a reminder of the party
  • Great entertainment

Gain Confidence With Beauty Treatments in Newark & Blackhawk

Henna tattoos have a distinctly beautiful look to them, and that’s one of many reasons they are so popular. In addition to their unique look, they are also said to nourish the skin and provide healing properties. Henna tattoos are just one beauty treatment you can get at Kiki Brows. We also offer facials and brow threading to help each of our clients look their absolute best. You can schedule an appointment at any of our three locations in San Ramon, Blackhawk or Newark by reaching out to us and calling 925-838-3028.